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ADD / ADHD Standard Size SmartPlanner Now Available!


We are very excited to announce our new ADD / ADHD Planner: The ADHD Standard Size (5.5 x 8.5 in) SmartPlanner is now available!  Over 18 years of experience working directly with adults and students with ADD / ADHD is behind this planner that is designed to assist you with focus and follow-through to achieve success! Beta tested for over two years in the full size (8.5 x 11 in) version... it is now ready for you to take advantage of this time-tested planner.  We look forward to hearing your experience and ideas about the planner so we can always be in improvement mode.  Get one today - you will be glad you did.

The standard sized version of the SmartPlanner:

  • Offers a smaller size planner that is lighter and easier to carry than the full-size version
  • Focuses on simplicity and systems for task, project & goal achievement
  • Creates an environment that encourages follow-through & helpful life skills
  • Supports implementation of ADD / ADHD systems for increased focus & creativity
  • Assists in development of habits & routines to free up mental energy and improve decision-making
  • Includes ADHD Coaching methods/systems to assist in embracing daily planning and routines for success
  • Prevents "crisis" by keeping you focused on what is important now as well as being prepared for what is coming up
  • Encourages project/goal management by breaking things into doable chunks with a priority system
  • Keeps your "ideas" safe and out of your head
  • Is simple - and SMART!

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ASN Tools

  • Provide a structural framework for developing the best system for your individual needs
  • Offer flexibility and innovation
  • Promote your success with focus, remembering and time
  • Recognize your differences
  • Are supported and developed by a team that cares about you and your success
  • Continue to improve based on your input

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The ADHD Success Network Team works continuously to bring you the best tools possible for living WITH your ADD / ADHD.  We are a leading resource in the ADHD community, providing time-tested tools, specifically developed for those with ADHD since 1996.

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