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ADD / ADHD Standard Size SmartPlanner Now Available!


We are very excited to announce our new ADD / ADHD Planner: The ADHD Standard Size (5.5 x 8.5 in) SmartPlanner is now available!  Over 18 years of experience working directly with adults and students with ADD / ADHD is behind this planner that is designed to assist you with focus and follow-through to achieve success! Beta tested for over two years in the full size (8.5 x 11 in) version... it is now ready for you to take advantage of this time-tested planner.  We look forward to hearing your experience and ideas about the planner so we can always be in improvement mode.  Get one today - you will be glad you did.

The standard sized version of the SmartPlanner:

  • Offers a smaller size planner that is lighter and easier to carry than the full-size version
  • Focuses on simplicity and systems for task, project & goal achievement
  • Creates an environment that encourages follow-through & helpful life skills
  • Supports implementation of ADD / ADHD systems for increased focus & creativity
  • Assists in development of habits & routines to free up mental energy and improve decision-making
  • Includes ADHD Coaching methods/systems to assist in embracing daily planning and routines for success
  • Prevents "crisis" by keeping you focused on what is important now as well as being prepared for what is coming up
  • Encourages project/goal management by breaking things into doable chunks with a priority system
  • Keeps your "ideas" safe and out of your head
  • Is simple - and SMART!

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ASN Tools

  • Provide a structural framework for developing the best system for your individual needs
  • Offer flexibility and innovation
  • Promote your success with focus, remembering and time
  • Recognize your differences
  • Are supported and developed by a team that cares about you and your success
  • Continue to improve based on your input

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Remember that you are just “practicing” with your new tool and that it takes time.


The ADHD Success Network Team works continuously to bring you the best tools possible for living WITH your ADD / ADHD.  We are a leading resource in the ADHD community, providing time-tested tools, specifically developed for those with ADHD since 1996.

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