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It’s often exciting and fun to think about all the possibilities and even to figure out how to handle the problems that might be encountered when going after our endeavors.  And “just imagine the possibilities”!!  We’re just full of ideas, excitement, creativity and out of the box thinking!!!

At the same time being successful in life often requires channeling all the questions, ideas and creativity obtained in brainstorming into an actionable plan.  The brainstorming pages handles this.





Brainstorming is just the beginning... at the end of a brainstorming session it is important to think it all through and come out of it with a plan of action that is agreeable with the team, if others are involved.  You and / or attendees will leave the meeting with questions answered, action items assigned and deadlines in place.





constrbrainstorm There are spaces on the Constructive Brainstorming pages where you can write down the questions, concepts covered, ideas and your final extrapolation of everything discussed.  You can also show all the actions needed along with the tools/resources that will be utilized to stay focused and on track with action completion.

Below these areas there is ample space for you to doodle, take notes and draw mindmaps as desired.  Just take up as many pages as you need to get through the brainstorming session.
By utilizing this tool you will flow smoothly through the questions/problem solving, coming up with ideas and finally construction of an organized, realistic and time sensitive plan of action.

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Remember that you are just “practicing” with your new tool and that it takes time.