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Purchase SmartPlanner: Standard 5.5 x 8.5" Wirebound



SKU:  AD-318
Price:  $52.95

1. Twin wire bound
       Lays entirely flat when opened       
2. Small 6 x 9 size is light
3. Leatherette covers in 4 colors
    Black, Navy, Dark Green, Maroon
4. Fits in many purses
5. Includes all tabs and Instructions
6. Includes 1 pad (50 pages) of Daily Planning Maps
7. Currently our most popular planner



Planner Pages: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Binding Cover 6 x 9 inches

Purchase SmartPlanner Super-Lite Standard Size 5.5 x 8.5"

Super-Lite Binder


SKU:  AD-317
Price:  $64.95
Out of Stock



1. Black, 3 ring binder with magnetic snap closure
2. Soft padded durahyde
3. Inside Pocket on both sides
4. Card pockets inside left
5. Smallest, lightest weight binder available

Planner Pages: 5.5 x 8.5 inches
Binder:  6.5 x 9 inches

Purchase SmartPlanner: FullSize 8.5 x 11"

 SMARTPLANNER with Deluxe Durahyde Binder


SKU:  AD-310
Price:  $76.95


1. Zippered gusseted pocket on the front for calculator, phone, etc
2. Large gusseted pocket on inside left holds papers, spirals, etc.
3. 2 zipper pockets - inside left
4. Card pockets - inside left
5. 2 pen holders - inside left
6. Tablet - inside right

Planner Pages: 8.5 x 11 inches
Binder:  10.25 x 13.25 inches

NOTE: Fairly heavy 

Purchase SmartPlanner Without Binder (8.5x11")

without Binder


Price:  $56.95

ADHD Smart Planner Without Binder

Planner Pages 8.5 x 11 inches 

3 hole punched
All divider tabs
One (1) pad Daily Planning Maps
All instructions

The SmartPlanner, an ADHD planner is much more than a daily planner. It is a "Time, Task, Project & Goal Management System", that is SIMPLE and SMART.

The unique pages in this ADHD planner, inter-connected structure and innovative concepts inspire action with the help of the "Goals Locker" system. The "Brain Backup" and the and extended hour "Daily Brain Map" pages accommodate people who stay up late, forget more easily, have trouble with follow-through and neglect transition times. House creative ideas within a mobile "Inspiration Station" and watch your development with the "Habits/Routines Progress" tool, a visual overview of your daily progress.  The "Goals Dissector" promotes goal achievement by breaking goals and projects into doable pieces incorporating time estimates to facilitate practice with time mindfullness. The "Deadline Calendar" assists with being able to see the bigger picture of when projects/celebrations, etc are due... this awareness supports practice with taking action earlier and meeting deadlines more consistently.

Use the QuickStart Guide in this ADHD Planner to learn this completely integrated tool... one step at a time.  Each day using this system will move you ever closer to greater success with simple organization and the achievement of your most important goals, projects, tasks and development of helpful habits/routines for living WITH your ADHD instead of fighting against it.

Professionals will appreciate the SmartPlanner as a ADHD planning and focusing tool, with a consistent look and feel, that visually supports education, coaching and counseling.

SmartPlanner: Sample Pages

Click to view:

Brain Backup & Deliberate Deadlines Calendar
Daily Planning Map
Ideal Week
Weekly Pages
Habit/Routine Progress
   & Recurring Responsibilities

Inspiration Station
Information Area
Goals/Project Dissector
Constructive Brainstorming
Goals Locker
Monthly Aspiration
Celebration Pages

The latest version:

  • Focuses on simplicity and systems
  • Promotes completion
  • Creates productive environment 
  • Encourages follow-through
  • Supports implementation of ADD / ADHD strategies for focus
  • Includes ASN team support
  • Is SMART!

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How it Helps

  • keeps you focused
  • reduces overwhelm
  • remembers for you
  • provides simple structure
  • consistent follow-through
  • encourages life balance
  • assists with delegation
  • tasks/goals/projects completed
  • simple organizational tools
  • promotes habits/routine development
  • enhances effectiveness


Make a commitment to stick with your new tool for at least six months!

All SmartPlanners Include:


All SmartPlanners, regardless of size or binder choice, include the following items:

1. Choice of binder:


    a. Different binders for each size (8.5x11" or 5.5x8.5" Pages)
    b. Each binder is a different size

2. Choose the cover color for:
    a.  Wire-bound 8.5 x 5.5" Smartplanner
         i. Black
        ii. Navy
       iii. Dark Green
       iv. Maroon

Other Items Included:

1. Two sets of instructions:

    a. Quick-Start   frntpocketopensmp    b. Detailed
2. Complete set of organizational tabs for the various pages
3. One pad of 50 Daily Planning Maps included
a. Purchasing additional daily planning maps now is highly recommended - save future shipping charges
   b.The Daily Planning Maps are one of the "keys" to success with this ADHD Planner.
4. All SmartPlanner pages included
5. Focus Colored Flag-its Included
6. Refills, including Brain Backup and Goals/Project Dissector pages, are available separately if you use a lot and need more

ADD / ADHD SmartPlanner

The ADD / ADHD SmartPlanner is a Task, Project & Goal Management system promoting focus, consistency, productivity, habit/routine development & effectiveness. The structure creates simplicity, remembering and promotes skill development. Designed for flexibility and adaptability, it offers a smart and efficient strategy for moving forward with your plan to create life success with ADD / ADHD.

Having more than 20 years experience working with clients having ADD / ADHD, Twila Gates, R.N., SCAC recognized the need for an effective tool that promotes success with time and life skills for the person with ADD / ADHD.  The results are an effective focus & planning system that has been revised and refined over the years based on client feedback. This is a system defined by the people who use the system...Needless to say, your feedback is very important to us as your ideas/suggestions become reality for everyone!

Who Benefits

Specifically designed for those with ADD / ADHD,

The SmartPlanner is beneficial to:

  • Anyone with ADD / ADHD
  • Organizationally Challenged
  • Anyone Who Wants to Utilize Their Time Effectively and Efficiently for Goals, Projects & Tasks!

People with ADD / ADHD are smart!
Creative people with ADD need to eliminate the clutter in their brains!
Those with ADD / ADHD need a SIMPLIFIED, yet effective, system that's adaptable and really works!