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Invisible Clock II


The Invisible Clock: ADD / ADHD Timer
Size: 1/2" X 1-1/2" X 2-1/8"

This Personal Timer includes the first ever "Meeting Timer" or "Interval Timer".  It vibrates at the halfway point, again five minutes before time's up, and at times up, for any time of meeting or time interval you set it and then automatically resets for the next meeting/time interval.  Each vibration is distinct so you know exactly where you are along the way.

This timer has many settings, so it will seem complicated - the key is to choose the setting(s) that are most useful for your unique circumstances and use only those settings.

Countdown Timer
Set this function to alert once or to repeat itself, vibrating or beeping at any interval you choose for as long as you like.

We recommend using this timer as a "pacer" to help keep you focused throughout the day using the "meeting" setting.

We recommend the "repeating timer" setting for those who tend to get lost in details.

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Invisible Clock II
Invisible Clock II


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