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ADHD Planner: College Student SmartPlanner Introduction

Overview of the major areas in the ADHD Student SmartPlanner:

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The ADHD College Student SmartPlanner was developed specifically for those with ADD / ADHD to provide an efficient, effective and simplified ADHD planner system that promotes daily success a a student.  It also promotes timely completion of larger projects / tests, etc.


Unlike computers, it is difficult for us to manage small details spread about in our notes, syllabus or heads. The Deliberat Deadlines Calendar offers a big picture visual of what assignments, projects, tests, school breaks, etc. are coming up. Daily Planning is more targeted and it’s possible to meet my deadlines.  Don’t lose sight of or get lost in the details.

Like computers, we have brain RAM (memory) and when our available RAM gets low, we forget and/or lose data.  So we need an extra Brain Backup system for managing our tasks and activities.  The Brain Backup remembers for us, keeps things from falling through the cracks and helps with overwhelm.

Like computers, we have a brain hard drive that needs to be mapped out or you end up with undesirable results.  However, unlike a computer, our brain requires DAILY mapping to promote conscious navigation of each day.  Daily planning with the Daily Planning Map is an essential activity - even if we choose to not follow it at times. It’s more about being able to make choices instead of floating.

UN-Like computers, we cannot be automatically scheduled to engage in an activity. So, we develop “habits” or “routines” over time that eventually become automatic with practice.  The Ideal Week gets us started with simplicity - how we would like our days to go if everything was ideal.  Keeping in mind it’s also important to be flexible and make wise choices in the moment.

Like computers, we want to be efficient & effective.  Planning into the future is especially important for timeliness and follow through. We need an operating system that encourages us to remain focused on our goals and  responsibilities.  The weekly planning involves looking ahead 1- 1.5 weeks to create blocks of time specific activities and appointments.

Like computers, we want to be efficient and effective.  So we need an operating system that encourages us to remain focused on our goals — long term as well as short term.  In addition, the system provides a mechanism for goals to funnel-down into individual doable tasks with the "Goals Dissector".

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